Benefits of Dance

The mission of LM Stage School is to build social awareness, confidence and self esteem in children.

We want to make dance matter so we work for the development of dance for all.

We believe that dance can transform the lives of individuals and that everyone has the right to experience dance regardless of where they live, their age, gender or race.

Not only is dancing fun and great exercise dance encourages mental and emotional development; enhances motor skills, increases flexibility and helps develop muscles. It can help intellectual growth and the development of self-confidence and selfesteem. It can also help to develop spatial awareness.

Dance highlights meanings of actions; it helps young children to learn about body language, as well as promoting social relationships and interaction skills as they learn to participate and negotiate with others.

Dance can give children insights into different cultures and beliefs and raise their awareness and respect for others. Responding to and interpreting music and other stimuli in movement encourages the imagination and develops children’s creativity.

Dance provides an important opportunity to express oneself nonverbally, without a pressure of ‘getting it right’. Have a go and see!