Curricular and Styles of Dance

LM Stage School can also provide schools with Dance/Theatre classes during a teachers PPA time.The school can not only enhance its’ reputation by providing pupils with a dance instructor but also provide teachers with their required additional planning time.

LM Stage School have found that the popularity of after school dance classes often increases as the pupils know the instructor and have enjoyed the exciting dance/Theatre classes during their school time.

Our classes spark an interest in children which may encourage them to consider studying when statutory education ends. As our organization uses a more contemporary approach we gain the attention of the children immediately and are able to accomplish our targets more effectively, we are particularly successful at engaging hard to reach learners.

Styles of Dance

Musical Theatre

(Drama Dance Singing) This is a very popular choice with children as it has the advantage of including drama and singing. A lot of the shows done are from west end or Broadway musicals and some Disney classics.


Depending on the dance level of children they will be taught basic steps from ballet, learn to associate what each step means when translated from French into English.

Street Dance

Here participants collectively choose a song and learn a basic dance routine. They learn about movement and mood whilst rehearsing a group routine. They are placed into smaller groups to choreograph a small section to be incorporated into the performance.

Latin / Ballroom

Here participants can choose a dance of there choice weather it’s the waltz or the cha cha. It is a great chance for children to learn to work together, as partner work is essential for the dance to be a success.


The main aspect to be able to tap dance is rhythm. Children will be taught tap steps but will also learn how to clap out the same beats on there hands or by using percussion instruments. Then will in corporate the steps into a dance routine.


As all schools are aware it is important to teach children learn from an early age that exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle that we all aim to lead. In many of the schools we teach in they have Healthy school weeks and children of all ages get sessions in aerobics to help children see that not only is exercise good for you that it can also be a lot of fun.